Ways to Decorate with Fresh Christmas Greenery

55+ Ways to Decorate with Fresh Christmas Greenery

Get fresh for the holidays! Bring in the sights, scents, and warmth of the holidays with our beautiful Christmas Greenery! We’ve gathered together plenty of ideas on how to use these fresh pieces and more in each room of your house. Let’s decorate, y’all!

Fresh by the Fire 

Fresh Christmas Greenery is the easiest way to bring the spirit of Christmas home!

Greenery: An olive branch garland is fresh, airy, and modern. For a full wreath, wire a slightly smaller form inside the larger one. Cover with bay leaves, olive branches, and silver dollar eucalyptus.

Ornaments: Gently press the wire loops into candlestick sockets to keep them secure.

Selections will vary by store location and limited quantities are available.

Candles: Choose unexpected colors that work with the room, and vary the heights.


Window Treatment 

If you have a large window in your home that doesn’t usually have treatments, go ahead and hang a simple garland here to frame your space.

Tropical Punch

Citrus adds a pop of color to an all-natural palette

What You’ll Need

12-inch wire wreath fram

  • ‘Carolina Sapphire’ cypress branches
  • 26-gauge florist wire
  • Magnolia leaves with stems
  • Florist glue
  • Pussy willow branches
  • Clementines
  • Araucari
  • Green velvet ribbon



Set wire wreath frame flat on a table. Use cypress as the base; attach branches to frame with florist wire. Dip stems of magnolia leaves in florist glue; add to wire frame. Tuck pussy willow into frame. Pierce clementines with florist wire; wrap wire around frame to secure. Add araucaria or other greenery from the yard for texture. Wrap ribbon around bottom of wreath, and tie in a knot. Mist the wreaths with water every few days, especially if they’re in direct sunlight.

Scatter votives of different sizes throughout fresh greenery on the table for a simple centerpiece that doesn’t have to be watered. A small vase is also filled with loose greenery for additional interest.



Silver, Green, and a Touch of Red 

Combine three traditional holiday colors for a classic mantel. A wreath of Fraser fir, pine, and cypress is complemented with matching garland. Weave silver beaded garland throughout the greenery and hang oversized, silver pinecones at the ends. Incorporate red touches with a fresh rose arrangement and a few red ribbons.

Gold and Green 






















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