Our Favorite Christmas Ornaments And How To Make Them

If you’re like most people, you probably love Christmas decorations. But what about the ornaments? Do you make them yourself or buy them pre-made? If you’re like most people, you probably buy them pre-made. There are a few reasons for this. First, it’s easier and faster. Second, it can be more affordable. And third, it can be more aesthetically pleasing. But what if you want to make your own ornaments? Why not try one of our favorite ideas this Christmas season? We’ve gathered some tips and tricks for making your own ornaments that will look great on your tree.

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Christmas Tree Ornament

Making your own Christmas ornaments is a fun and festive way to show your loved ones how much you care this holiday season. Here are our favorite Christmas ornaments and steps on how to make them:

1. Start with an old piece of clothing that you don’t need anymore. Cut the fabric into small pieces and then sew them together to create a loop shape.

2. Next, use a glue gun to attach the fabric loop to an ornament base such as a pom-pom ball or wooden dowel rod. If you don’t have a glue gun, you can also use hot glue or even a needle and thread to attach the fabric loop!

3. Finally, add some festive embellishments like glitter, sequins, or beads to finish off your ornament!

christmas ornament

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Egg Nog Ornament

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If your Christmas decorating skills are a little rusty, these egg nog ornaments are the perfect project for you! They’re easy to make and look great on any tree. Here’s how to make them:

1. Start by gathering all of your materials. You’ll need an ornament mold, some paper straws, a glue gun and some eggnog.

2. Print out a template of your chosen ornament shape and cut out the pieces using a scissors. Make sure that the template is big enough so that you can adjust the size later on if needed.

3. Glue the templates onto some straws using a glue gun, making sure to evenly distribute the glue around each piece. You can also use cake icing or modeling clay to help secure the templates in place if desired.

4. Once everything is glued down, pour an inch or two of eggnog into each ornament mold and insert the straws into the liquid until they reach the top of the mold. Try not to overfill them as this will cause them to overflow when they are displayed on Christmas day!

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Snowman Ornament

Do you love snowmen but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on them? Here are five easy and inexpensive ways to make your own snowman ornament.

1. Make a simple snowman out of modeling clay, using a stylus to create the facial features. Allow the clay to dry completely before painting, decorating and attaching the frosty accessories.

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2. Take some old Christmas wrapping paper and cut it into short strips about 12″ wide and 8″ long. Use these strips to create the arms, body and legs of your snowman. Make sure that all of the edges are trimmed even and that there is no seam running down the middle of your snowman’s body.

3. Cut lengths of corduroy or other sturdy fabric (ours was jersey fabric) in a width that will cover the bottom half of your snowman’s body but leave enough excess material so you can still tie it closed at the top. Sew one long length of corduroy along one side edge of each strip, then sew each strip together along its opposite edge, forming an envelope for your snowman’s body (see photo). Trim any extra fabric from around the outside of your envelope, then poke two holes near either end of your corduroy “arms.” Thread a piece of yarn through each hole on one side of the arms and tie securely in place with a knot — now you have fluffy snowman arms! Repeat this process with remaining

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Christmas Tree Topper

There’s something about a Christmas tree adorned with colorful ornaments that just brings the holiday season alive. Whether you’re a traditionalist at heart or you’re looking for something new and exciting to do this year, we’ve got some suggestions for you! Here are our favorite Christmas ornaments and how to make them:

1. Angel Ornament: This is an easy ornament to make and can be made with just a few simple materials. All you need is a small ball of yarn, an angel feather, some wire cutters, and a needle. First, tie the yarn around the angel feather so that it forms a loop. Make sure the loop is big enough so that it will fit through the top of the ornament’s hole. Next, use the wire cutters to snip off both ends of the yarn bunched up around the angel feather. Finally, use the needle to poke through both ends of the yarn loop, making sure that it goes all the way through. Now your ornament is ready to hang on your tree!

2. Snowflakes Ornament: Another easy ornament to make is this snowflake ornament. All you need is some woolfelt (or felt if you want it to be more durable), pipecleaners, thread, and a needle. Print out or photocopy a snowflake template (or find one online) onto paper large enough to cover your woolfelt piece. Cut out each snowflake template with scissors and then coat

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We hope you enjoyed our selection of Christmas ornaments and found the perfect one for your tree! Whether you’re looking for something traditional, like a Santa ornament, or something more unique, like an ornament made out of gingerbread houses, we have something for you. And if you need help finding the perfect ornament for your Christmas tree, be sure to check out our selection of Christmas ornaments and find the perfect one for your home. What’s your favorite Christmas ornament? Let us know in the comments below!

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