Our Best Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces at home

Our Best Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces

Christmas is a holiday of the year and it is coming again but your house is too small. How to design Christmas? Our Best Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces. It’s cute when the Peanuts character Linus has a tiny, nearly dead branch as his wee Christmas tree. But even when you live in a small space, you can do lots better than that! 

Modern Sentiments

Our Best Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces
Christmas Tree

Traditional holiday symbols get a glossy makeover with simple shapes and loads of bright red and white.

Start with the Base

If your house have small spaces, you should have a medium-size woven basket provides a tidier footing than a tree skirt.

Go for Garland

First hang the strands of lights, and then dangle a garland made from felt balls along the branches.

Adorn with Ornaments

Dress branches with large red Gobstopper-like globes mixed with favorite holiday images. For an extra-sweet touch, suspend candy canes from the frosted boughs.

Top It Off

Try a homespun take on stars with a large matte wooden version.

The Details

Stick to solid wrapping papers except for one standout polka-dot pattern.

Vintage Charm

Our Best Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces
Tiny tree

A ladylike palette of teal and pink reflects the pastel hues of these retro ornaments.

Tiny Tree

At only 4 feet tall, this tree (set in a sturdy planter) is just the right size for a table in a foyer.

Reflective Ornaments

Here’s proof that a small suite of pink, gold, and aqua ornaments is all you need to trim a tabletop tree.

Snowball Garland

Skip the lights, and adorn branches with a distinctive white foam garland that resembles a strand of pearls.

Traditional Topper

Finish the look with a giant bow, nearly 1 foot tall, that trails the length of the tree. Tip: Wired ribbon is the secret to a pert bow.

Wild & Wonderful

Our Best Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces

Twirl up a tree fit for any mountain cabin with a menagerie of woodland-inspired pieces.

Bucket Base

Another option, a method for our best Christmas Tree ideas for small spaces. Choose a small- or medium-size galvanized bucket as your vessel.

Hunt for Ornaments

Think of the pheasants as the headliners, and add a supporting cast of woodsy oak leaf, acorn, and feather pieces all around. Fill empty spots with shiny blue globes.

Glowing Garland

Stick with simple string lights. The shimmery ornaments will accentuate the glow from the bulbs.

A Woodsy Topper

Create a unique crown of pinecones. Spray-paint three to five of them gold, and then secure each one to a flexible wire stem with pieces of florist wire. Finally, twist the florist wire around at the top of the tree until it’s secure.

Glitzy Glamour

Break from the traditional decorating mold by using geometric shapes and lots of sparkle.

Tinsel Tree

Ideal for small-space dwellers (it folds up flat for off-season storage), this tree stands proud at just 3 feet tall.

Mod Ornaments

The tree has character on its own, so all the trim you’ll need is a combination of sharp pink shapes and shining pineapples.

Sparkle Topper

The secret to this sparkling style is adding a small star with a silver finish.

Shiny Details

For the apartment dweller who also favors minimalist decorate, these paper ornaments cut and folded by hand will fit in perfectly.

Gingerbread Tree

Our Best Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces

How to decorate a Christmas tree for a small space? Our Best Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces at home. You can update a classic tabletop accent with a mix of shapely ornaments and festive flocked branches


  • Gingerbread dough
  • cookie cutters in assorted shapes
  • chartreuse and aqua ribbons
  • 36-inch artificial cypress tree
  • two to three cans of spray snow 
  • concrete planter
  • reindeer moss
  • ornaments
  • gold twine


  1. Shape 24 cookies with cutters.
  2. Before baking the gingerbread dough, use a straw to poke a hole in each cookie for the ribbon.
  3. Bake and let cool.
  4. Thread loop of ribbon through each cookie, and tie.
  5. Cover the tree with spray snow; let dry for one hour.
  6. Place the tree in a concrete planter, and cover the base with reindeer moss.
  7. Hang cookies from the tree. Add ornaments.
  8. Trail chartreuse and aqua ribbons and gold twine down from top of tree.

Fruit Tree

This citrus combo provides a fresh dose of sunshine. They are so cute.


  • Five (2-pound) bags of lemons
  • florist picks
  • 24-inch plastic foam cone
  • sprigs of fresh rosemary and cypress
  • urn
  • five oranges
  • reindeer moss
  • ribbon


  1. Stick lemons with florist picks (one per lemon).
  2. Starting toward the bottom of the cone, insert lemons in circular diagonal rows, working your way up and leaving about 1 inch of space between each row until the cone is covered.
  3. Fill in the empty spaces between the lemon rows with rosemary and cypress sprigs.
  4. Set the decorated cone securely inside the urn.
  5. Place leftover lemons and oranges around the base of the cone; cover up any gaps with reindeer moss.
  6. Trail ribbon from the top of the arrangement.

Advent Tree

We turned the beloved holiday calendar custom into wonderful wall décor. We hung our presents in random order to give the look a playful treasure hunt effect.


  • Small saw
  • seven wooden dowels
  • 14 wooden dowel caps
  • 15 clear adhesive hooks
  • ribbon
  • branches
  • 25 small gifts
  • 25 number tags
  • ornaments
  • greenery
  • tree topper
  • beaded garland


  1. With a small saw, cut seven dowels in graduated lengths to form a tree shape. Attach caps to the ends of dowels, and secure dowels to the wall with adhesive hooks (two per dowel).
  2. Using ribbon, tie a branch to every other dowel.
  3. Assemble 25 small gifts, and label them with number tags, 1 through 25. With ribbon, tie each gift to the tree.
  4. Fill gaps with colorful ornaments and sprigs of greenery.
  5. Place the tree topper above the top branch with an adhesive hook.
  6. Zigzag ribbon and garland across and down levels of tree.

Natural Wonder

Feathers and candle-style lights dial up this Colonial look.

Base: Take this gumdrop- shaped cypress to new heights by placing the stand in a rust planter. Trim the bottom branches, and mask the trunk with sheet moss.

Lights: Before electricity, real candles flickered on tree branches. Safely get the old-school effect with a flameless strand.

Ornaments: Maintain an authentic look with simple ornaments: metallic orbs, clove-studded oranges, dried orange slices, and pinecones.

Details: Woodsy red faux berries stand in for garland.

Topper: Wire on a crown-shaped cluster of feathers to push the look to the peak.

Blue Christmas

Our Best Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces

Spread cheer anywhere with this tabletop setup.

Base: Place a small blue spruce into a blue-and-white chinoiserie cachepot. Cover the base with sheet moss.

Lights: Delicate battery-operated twinkle lights don’t overpower this tiny tree.

Topper: The plum velvet ribbon tied into a prim bow at the top cascades down like a garland.

Ornaments: Make it fancy with bejeweled orbs, miniature ginger jars, gold and navy tassels, and satin bows. Tie on jingle bells with twine for whimsy.

Wrapping: Carry on the theme with polka-dot and gingham papers accented with ribbon and ornaments.

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