12 Glitter Tumbler Ideas You’ll Want To Make Yourself

When you think of Fall, what does that usually mean for you? For many people, it means a return to warmer climates and days spent outdoors. But for others, it means dressing up in layers and sipping on cocktails in the backyard. And who better to help you enjoy Fall weather than by providing some glittery cocktails to sip on? In this post, we’ll show you 12 glitter tumbler ideas that you can make yourself. From simple recipes to more complex drinks, there’s something for everyone here. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink, and let the festivities begin!

glitter tumbler ideas

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What is a Tumbler?

What is a Tumbler?

A Tumbler is simply a glass or plastic container that is used to hold liquid. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Some popular uses for a Tumbler are as an ice water bottle replacement, a wine glass replacement, and as a snack container.

There are many different ways to make your own Tumblers. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Glitter Tumbler Ideas
If you’re looking for something fun and festive to add to your drink repertoire, sparkling grape juice or lemonade made with colorful sparkling embellishments like edible glitter will look amazing in a glittery tumbler! Just add a few drops of each color of glitter to your desired glass before filling it up with cold water or juice. You can also try using this approach for fruit juices or smoothies – just shake the ingredients together well before adding them to the glass. For extra glamour, top off your drink with a sparkly hair ornament or bow necklace!

2. Garden Party Tumblers
Forget those boring old water bottles – how about spiffing up your summer party beverages with these garden party tumblers? Simply fill them with pink lemonade or margaritas made with blueberry syrup and strawberries, then top them off with pretty straws and small party hats! This project is great for kids too – they

glitter tumbler ideas

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How to Make Your Own Tumbler

There are so many fun glitter tumbler ideas to make yourself, and they’re not too hard to do either! Here are five of our favorite ideas:

1. Glitter Tumbler Band
If you’re a fan of wearing glitter on your fingers, then this is the perfect project for you! All you need is some adhesive bandages, some glitter, and a glass tumbler. Simply wrap the adhesive bandages around the top of the glass tumbler several times, then sprinkle on enough glitter to cover. Put the lid on and let it dry. Ta-da! You have yourself a sparkling finger band!

2. Glitter Tumbler Scarf
This is another great way to show off your love for all things glittery! All you need is a scarf (or any other fabric), some adhesive bandages, and plenty of glitter. Start by wrapping one end of the scarf around the top of your glass tumbler several times. Sprinkle on as much glitter as desired, and press down firmly so that it sticks. Now take the other end of the scarf and wrap it around itself once or twice (to create a knot). Stick this end into one side of the first knot, then stick the other end into the other side of the first knot. Trim off any excess fabric before letting the glue dry fully. You’ve created yourself an adorable glittery scarf!

3. Glitter Tumbler Magnets

glitter tumbler ideas

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Glitter Ideas

Looking for a fun and easy way to add some glitter to your life? Look no further than these glitter tumbler ideas! They are simple to make and will add some sparkle to any mood.

1. Glitter Lip Balm: This lip balm is perfect for adding a little bit of glitz to your day. Simply add some glitter to the ingredients and you’re good to go!

2. Glitter Coasters: These coasters are so cute and easy to make! All you need is a little bit of glitter, some craft foam, and a hot glue gun.

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3. Glitter Foil Balloon: This simple yet stunning project requires just a few supplies – foil balloons, glitter, and hot glue. You can create endless variations by adding different colors of glitter or using different patterns.

4. Glitter Spoons: These spoons are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any dish or drink. Simply fill them with glitter and let the party begin!

5. Glitter Makeup Brushes: These makeup brushes are perfect for adding that extra bit of sparkle to your look. Just brush on some glitter over your makeup and you’re ready for action!

glitter tumbler ideas

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Silver Ideas

There’s something undeniably fun and glamourous about silver glitter. It looks stunning when used sparingly in cocktails or on top of desserts, but it can also be used to add a touch of sparkle to everyday items like cupcakes or crafts. Here are some ideas for using silver glitter in your everyday life:

1. Add a touch of sparkle to your makeup look with a light layer of silver glitter over your eyes or cheeks.

2. Glitter all over a cake or cupcake for an extra bit of dazzle.

3. Use silver glitter to upcycle old jewelry into new pieces that will look amazing on you.

4. Create sparkling origami animals using silver paper and glittery shapes.

5. Transform plain ol’ rice into beautiful edible snowflakes using rice flour, water, and a little bit of silver glitter (or any other color you like!).

glitter tumbler ideas

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How To Do Magic With A Dish Brush

Do you love to do magic tricks? If so, you’ll want to try using a dish brush instead of a Magic 8 Ball when it comes to divination. Here are four foolproof magic tricks that you can do with just a dish brush!

1. Make a coin disappear: Start by holding the dish brush up to your eyes and looking at the bristles as if you’re about to see the coin appear. Then slowly lower the dish brush and focus on the center of it. When you’re done, tell your spectator to take a look at the bristles and they should be unable to see any sign of the coin!

2. Make an olive disappear: Start by holding the dish brush up to your eyes and looking at the bristles as if you’re about to see the olive appear. Then slowly lower the dish brush and focus on the center of it. When you’re done, tell your spectator to take a look at the bristles and they should be unable to see any sign of the olive!

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3. Make a card vanish: This is probably one of our favorite magic tricks with a dish brush! All you need is a deck of cards and some practice. Start by holding up one end of the bristles with one hand while keeping the other hand close to where the card will go (the back). Then quickly snap your fingers next to where the card will appear (this will cause it to suddenly pop out from between your fingers!). Tell

glitter tumbler ideas

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Metal Idea

Looking for something fun to do with your glitter? Check out these tumbler ideas!

1. Metallic Tumbler: Pour some glitter into a clear glass and top it off with another glass. Turn the glasses so the glitter covers both sides of the glass. Hold them up to light and watch the metallic glimmer mesmerize you.
2. Rainbow Tumbler: Add a few drops of each color of glitter to a clear glass and fill it with cold water. Swirl the colors around with a straw until they blend together perfectly. 3. Starburst Tumbler: Use a paintbrush to add stars all over a clear glass beaker or bowl. Sprinkle some glitter on top and let it sit for about 10 minutes to set. 4. Glitter Coin Tumbler: Fill a small coffee mug or tumbler half full of water and add several coins made from colorful felt pieces, such as copper, gold, silver, or rainbow-colored plastic ones. Let them dissolve in the water for about an hour before serving to create beautiful sparkly disks floating on top of the liquid. 5. Glittery Glasses: If you don’t want to use anything else but your own eyesight, try wearing sparkling glasses! Just make sure they’re not too heavy or tight-fitting, since they’ll make your eyes feel strained after awhile (and no one wants that!).

glitter tumbler ideas

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Glitter Tumbler Ideas

Looking for a way to add a little extra sparkle to your day? Check out these glitter tumbler ideas!

1. Glitter Tumbler Project: Create a colorful glitter tumbler using fabric paint and sequins.
2. Glitter Tumbler DIY: Turn any old glass tumbler into a glittery party perfect accessory by adding some colorful ribbon and rhinestones.
3. Sparkly Glitter Tumbler: Transform any plain cup into a sparkly masterpiece by filling it with sparkling sugar crystals and clear glitter.
4. Rainbow Glitter Tumbler: This glittery drink is the perfect way to show off your creative side! Add different colors of glitter to different parts of the cup for an amazing effect.
5. Pretty Pink Glitter Tumbler: This pretty pink glitter tumbler is perfect for girly parties or special occasions! Fill it with purple or pink sugar crystals, then top it off with a pretty bow or decorative sticker.

Materials You’ll Need

To make your very own glitter tumbler, all you’ll need is some glitter, a clear glass tumbler, and a few essential household supplies.
1. Fill the clear glass tumbler halfway with ice and then add enough glitter to cover the inside of the glass.
2. Gently swirl the glitter around in the glass until it’s fully coated.
3. Place the tumbler in a cold location to solidify the glitter.
4. Once the glitter has hardened, remove it from the glass by gently breaking it up with your fingers or a spoon.

glitter tumbler ideas

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1. To get started, gather all of the supplies you’ll need for your glitter tumbler project. You’ll need a clear glass tumbler, some glitter, a small paintbrush, and some thinners or rubbing alcohol.

2. begin by painting the outside of the glass with a thin layer of glitter. use a light touch to avoid applying too much pressure and creating bubbles in your glitter potion. be sure to leave a 1-2 inch margin around the edge of the glass so that you can still see the color of your drink when it’s filled with sparkling goodness!

3. now it’s time to fill up the glass with your favorite beverage. using a straw or cocktail stick, slowly pour in enough liquid to cover the surface of the glittery potion. be sure not to overfill your tumbler or you risk having opaque drinks instead of beautiful sparkly ones!

4. once your drink is fully laden with glitzer, give it a gentle stir with your paintbrush before serving (or storing if you’re planning on enjoying your creation later!)


When the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen and come up with some delicious glitter tumbler recipes! From pumpkin spice lattes to chocolate-covered strawberries, these recipes are sure to please. Be sure to share your favorite recipe on social media using the hashtag #glittertumblers, so that we can all enjoy them together.

glitter tumbler ideas

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